Home sellers are watching AND even listening to buyers viewing their home.

Home buyers and sellers have been trying to get a leg up on each other in one way or another, well since the beginning home buying and selling.  However, many sellers have now really upped their game.  How?  By installing video camera’s inside their home just to watch your actions and reactions to their home.


OK, so what’s the big deal, a lot of people have security cameras but they probably don’t look at ever showing?  Wrong, I have met more and more sellers who are installing systems or using an existing system for the expressed reason to just to watch you, Mr. and Ms. Buyer as you look at their home.  Plus, with the advent of higher speed internet connections, they can watch you in real time.  It’s not just one or two nanny cam’s inside the house, but camera’s in every room.

BUT WAIT there’s more, much much more.  They are listening too.  That’s right they are eavesdropping on every word you say.  This is the wildest dream or worst nightmare for the Realtor trying to get the best deal for their client.  It’s one thing to see someone browsing through your home, opening cabinets, peaking in closets, etc.  It takes it to a whole other level when I can learn what the other party your negotiating with is thinking.  This is HUGE!

Imagine, walking into the home of your dreams.  Your giddiness and excitement is vocalized with words like “This is it!”, “I have to have this house!”, or even “this seems cheap compared to the others.”

Just think of the real negotiating disadvantage this can put you in as a buyer.

Is this even legal?  In Texas, absolutely yes.

Observations of a Seller

After a recent closing with a seller I knew had their house wired, I asked about some observations.

First, they were blown away about just how flat out mean the buyers AND agents coming into the house were.  There were remarks about decorating tastes, furnishing and even buyers making guesses about the sexual orientations of the sellers. 

Agents, you aren’t exempt either.  I heard a story about an agent who let the buyers into the home, then proceeded to get on his cell phone and have a personal conversation for 15 minutes while the buyers walked through the home, completely ignoring them and their questions.

You might ask, how do the sellers know exactly who they are seeing and hearing in the home?  It’s easy to track at least who the agent in the home is because of the blue tooth supra lockbox system, that lets the listing agent at least know who the agent is and what time they entered and exited the house.

What should you do as a buyer?

First, automatically just assume you’re being recorded in every home you visit.   Be respectful of the sellers; Act as if you were in a museum or just act how you would expect someone to act if they were inside your home.  Be careful what you say and do while in the home. Try to show and speak with as little emotion as possible. Finally, it is perfectly ok to ask the listing agent if there are any recording devices inside the home before you visit.